docSender allows drChrono users to quickly create and upload PDF documents to a patient's record. 

Using docSender, one can:

  • Create single or multipage handwritten documents or drawings
  • Take single or multipage photos of documents or clinical findings
  • Type documents

After you are finished creating a document, a single "POST" button uploads the new document to a selected patient's record.

docSender works on both iPhones and iPads.

The drawing and photo markup functions clearly work better on the iPad format, however both versions have the same functionality.

Taking photos is very convenient with the iPhone and one can quickly "copy" clinical documents using the multipage capability of the Photo function.



The first time you open docSender, you will be brought to this page. Scroll through to get an overview of how docSender works. 

docSender is simple and mostly intuitive, but there are features you may not be familiar with.

Main Page


If you have used docSender and your personal information has been stored, then docSender will immediately begin downloading all the patients' names and birthdates associated with your drChrono account. Depending on your connection speed, this can take a few seconds..


If you haven't used docSender before or if you have cleared tokens*, then you will be redirected to a drChrono login page. Enter your drChrono user name and password to continue. Note: docSender does not store your drChrono user name or password (though your device might).

*More about clearing tokens in the "Settings" section below.



Once patients' names and birthdates are loaded, you are prompted to select a patient.


You can select a patient by scrolling through the list presented. All the active patients in the your account are displayed at first (not shown here for privacy reasons).

For a filtered list, tap on the search bar and enter a name (or part of one).


You will now be prompted to select an action for the chosen patient.

Available actions are detailed in sections below. Actions are:

Photo - allow you to take one or a series of photos for upload to a patient's record. These photos can be marked up with drawing tools if desired.

Draw - drawn or handwritten documents. They can be drawn with fingers or a stylus. If you are using an iPad Pro, then the Apple Pencil is the best option. You can create multipage documents if you like.

Write - Simple text entry using a keyboard or Apple Dictation. Single page only.


Photos Page


Upon beginning the photos action, you immediately can take a photo of documents or clinical findings. You will have an opportunity to retake photos here as well.


Once you have selected a photo, you are taken to the Photos page with a toolbar on top.

This allows you to draw over or "markup" the photo(s) using the drawing tools described below in the "Draw" instructions.

Note: the drawing occurs on a separate "layer" from the photo itself. When you leave a page or return to the Main page, you will be asked to either discard or "merge" your markups. Merging creates one document with markups. Neither the merge or discard can be undone.

After you have tapped "Done" on the Photos page, you are brought back to the Main page.

You now have an option of posting to the patient's drChrono record or you can delete the photo(s).

If you have a multipage photo document (drawing), then only the first page will shown.  You cannot go through the pages here. A page counter will show how pages that you will be be posting. You cannot review or edit this document at this stage. 

Drawing Page (shown on iPad)


The Draw page allows to write/draw with either your fingertip or a stylus. For iPad Pro users, an Apple Pencil can also be used and will give superior results. 

Tap "Done" to return the Main page for posting as described in the Photo page above.


The toolbar functions:

Done: when you have finished your drawing, tap "Done". This will render the drawing and take you back to the Main page for posting the drawing to the patients record.

Note: once you have tapped "Done", you can not make any further modifications (though you will be given an opportunity to delete the drawing).

Clear: clears everything on the current page. This cannot be undone.

Undo: there are thirty levels of undo.  Each removes the last continuous stroke.

Pencil/Pen: tapping these will allow you to pick pencil/pen sizes and colors. Your choices will be stored for future sessions.

Eraser: completely removes whatever is underneath it.. This can be undone using "Undo"

Forward: this will either go to the next page in a document OR if there is no next page, it will start a new page.

Reverse: this will go back one page.

Settings: opens the "Settings" for the Draw page.

Text Page


The Write page is a very simple text editor for creating short notes. It is limited to a single page.

Tap "Done" to return the Main page for posting.

Settings Pages


The General Settings page.

Enter a Practitioner and Default Document Name if desired.

The Username, User ID, and Doctor ID are informational only. They cannot be edited.

Clear tokens button will remove "keys" to access the drChrono database. If you "clear tokens", then you will be asked to login to drChrono the next time you start docSender.


There are also Settings pages for all the Photo, Draw, and Write functions. The Settings pages allow you to enter a practitioners name and a "Default Document Name". The default document name will be stored and used a title for the document unless changed prior posting on the Main page. The document type field on the Main page will be autofilled with the default document name for the action selected.