New location opening very soon

I have found office space in Santa Barbara and we will opening the week of November 12. This will be a "soft" opening offering hormone replacement, weight management and Coolsculpting at first. I will be adding more aesthetics (Botox, fillers, PRP) and IV Therapy over the next few months.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient in Santa Barbara, please email me and we can arrange an appointment.

I am very excited about our new space. It is in an amazing building that was Charlie Chaplin's production studio back in the day.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Weight Loss Programs

Vitality. That’s what we all want. Awakening each day with a sense of purpose, being energetic without anxiety, and to have some degree of control in a world where so much is out of control.

Vitality starts with you taking control.  Of your life,  of your mind,  and of your body.

Let Dr Edman assist you in regaining control. Whether it be one of our effective medical weight loss programs, a bio-identical hormone replacement program, or a customized program to bring you closer to optimum health, we will work together with you as team in taking back control.