Lunchtime Specials

The Weekly Specials are out. They honestly were a bit too confusing for us to organize. So we have decided to simplify them and just have an everyday Lunchtime Special.

Dr Edman will offer a lunchtime special on Tuesday - Friday at noon.
Your choices for Dr Edman specials are:

  • Jeuveau 20 Units $179 (regularly $240)*

  • Medical weight loss - new patient $400 (regularly $450)**

  • Lip filler with Restylane Silk $399 (regularly $550)

* Twenty units is rarely enough to do a "full face". Average treatment volume for forehead, brow, and crow's feet is around 40 units.
**This is a three month program. Only the first appointment must be between Noon-1pm

Our aestheticians Beth will offer one lunchtime special Monday through Friday.

Your choices for aesthetician specials are:

  • VI Peel $149 (regularly $300 to $400)

  • Microneedling $149 (regularly $300)


  • There is only one special per day between Noon and 1pm.

  • You MUST come in between Noon and 1pm. No time substitutions.

  • You cannot combine these specials with any other discount.

  • You MUST prepay and there are no refunds for no shows.

  • Only one Lunchtime Special per quarter per client.

You can book these online by clicking below. Please enter which treatment you desire in the booking notes. Or simply call us at 805-452-1252