Goodbye to Aesthetic Sanctuary and Regenesys!

We are now Jeffrey C Edman, MD.

Different name, same services and much more!

Some of you may have noticed that going to “Aesthetic Sanctuary” on the web now directs you to “Jeffrey C Edman MD, Anti-Aging Physician”. As we continue to add new anti-aging treatments, some of which are outside of the field of traditional aesthetic medicine, it has become clear to me that “Aesthetic Sanctuary” and our sister site “Regenesys” don’t reflect the totality of what we offer. So I have decided to combine the two and simplify our name to just Jeffrey C Edman, MD.

Since starting Aesthetic Sanctuary and Regenesys, we have added:

  • a variety of laser-based therapies (IPL, hair removal, tattoo removal)

  • platelet-rich plasma therapies (PRP for hair restoration, erectile dysfunction, aesthetic filler)

  • shockwave treatments for erectile dysfunction

  • shockwave treatment for orthopedics (plantar fasciitis, shoulder, elbow and knee tendonitis)

  • pellet therapy for hormone replacement

  • peptide therapy for erectile dysfunction

We will continue to add safe and effective anti-aging therapies over the course of 2019 and years to come.

These changes should be fairly transparent to to you. All the links to Aesthetic Sanctuary and Regenesys will now be automatically re-directed to Our Facebook and Instagram pages will be updated soon.

Take care,

Dr Jeff