Our Services


Hormone replacement

Hormone deficiencies are common. Dr Edman is experienced in diagnosing and treating estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and testosterone deficiencies. If you are over 45, there is a high likelihood that you are deficient in a least one of these.


Aesthetic Medicine

You feel young. You deserve to look young. Dr Edman provides Botox injections, various fillers for volume restoration or enhancement, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for hair restoration, volume, scar revision, and pigmentation.

Weight management

Whether you have that final five pounds that you just can't get off or significantly more weight, Dr Edman can help. You don't need to "starve" on our programs and medications help give you the willpower to avoid temptation.



Almost any subcutaneous fat from your knees to your chin can now be safely "frozen away" without downtime using Coolsculpting. Winter is a perfect time to freeze away your love handles, muffin top, tummy fat, and much more.


Low energy? Getting a cold? Toxic? Dehydrated? One of our IV therapies could provide relief to get you back on track. Note: IV Therapy is anticipated to begin by 2018. Hopefully in time for New Year's Day!


General medicine

Dr Edman is an experienced primary care physician. While not a focus of his current practice and he doesn't accept insurance, he will provide expert advice on various primary care issues (hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, etc).