Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysis is a rapid, accurate and effective tool for determining the amount of fat, water, and lean tissue in one's body. It is completely non-invasive and takes less than two minutes to perform.

While the results from body composition analysis can be disturbing for some, they provide a great snapshot into one's water, muscle and fat content. Comparing these "snapshots" from visit to visit help dictate the therapy.

For example, if one is losing weight on a diet and it all comes from muscle, then the patient is actually becoming less healthy. Not all weight loss is beneficial.

In another situation, if a man is gaining weight on testosterone, but it is all fat weight then perhaps his testosterone is being converted too fast into estrogen.

Beyond the BMI

By now, you have all heard of the BMI or body mass index. While it can be good approximation of  ideal body weight in a person of average stature, it is woefully inadequate in many people because it does not take into account fat and muscle mass. I have seen women with low BMI's and model figures who actually have high percentage body fat scores. Conversely, I have seen muscular men with high BMI's with very low percentage body fat scores.

Here are some actual patient reports:

Female, 56 years old

Female, 50 years old

Female, 20 years old

Male, 61 years old

Male, 57 years old