The office of Jeffrey C. Edman, MD offers a variety of services to attain and maintain a healthy active life. These include:

Bio-identical hormone replacement

Weight management

Age management

Diagnostic problem solving

Body composition analysis

Aesthetic services


Bio-identical hormone replacement:

 Whether you are male or female, it is nearly inevitable that you will eventually become deficient in one or more hormones. These deficiencies are worsened by and can even lead to a variety of chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease, and more). Appropriate, balanced hormone replacement can often lead to both an improved quality of life and to a reversal in such chronic medical conditions.

Weight management: 

We use an integrated approach to weight management. It is important to understand how and why a patient is overweight to come up with a plan for successful weight loss. Even more important is to address the issues that cause rebound after weight loss. We have programs for weight management that include monthly visits, monthly body composition analysis, prescription medications (if necessary), injections, and supplements.

Age management:

Dr. Edman will try, but obviously can’t, make you 25 again. However, by putting out the fires in your body, eliminating the excess fluids, smoothing out some of the lines, slowing the mental decline, and strengthening the mind and body, he can make you feel younger. He can lead you on a path to “better” aging.

Diagnostic problem solving: 

One of Dr. Edman’s greatest strengths is diagnosis. “Out of the box” thinking combined with a deep desire to get at the root cause of disease helps him solve diagnostic mysteries. He is always willing to give the time necessary to achieve this.

Not in the Santa Barbara area?: 

Dr. Edman is available for phone consults to all patients in California, Hawaii, Washington and Utah. He can order laboratory tests and provide interpretation. While a visit to clinic is necessary to initiate treatment with medications requiring a prescription, he is happy to advise you on your current treatment plan. Please email Dr. Edman with your specific needs Dr. Edman is also a consulting physician with WellnessFX and is available through their service. Check it out at: WellnessFX.

 Body composition analysis:

Body composition analysis is done in the office with an InBody230 BioImpedance Analyzer. The InBody230 combines fast, convenient and accurate body composition analysis in less than two minutes. Because it distinguishes between body fat and muscle mass, you can better understand and monitor how diet, lifestyle, exercise, and other programs have influenced your body composition. It is routinely used in our weight loss programs. The InBody analysis is far superior to bathroom “fat” scales. We do offer body composition analysis without physician consultation for a nominal fee.

General practice medicine: 

While not a core part of our practice, we are happy to provide primary care services on either a single visit or package basis. We do not accept insurance or MediCare, but we will provide with the appropriate forms for you to apply for reimbursement. Dr. Edman is an experienced general practice physician and can manage most of your health needs. His approach is always to search for the root cause of disease and correct that rather than putting on band-aids to cover up symptoms. If appropriate, he will give you specific recommendations on how to decrease (or rarely, increase) your medications and how and where to seek appropriate care. Please email Dr. Edman with your specific needs at